Auto-Assign and Single Social Inbox

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Gianluca Treu

How do you manage an ever growing n° of conversations on your social pages!? 

Guard is here to make it easy and become your best friend 😉


There are 2 possible set ups in Guard.Social:





Guard will gather all content from your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts in one centralized social inbox. New content will be marked as unread and you will be able to manually assign requests to different users. Any interaction performed on the content (add sentiment, like the content, reply to the user etc.) will mark it as read and click after click you will get to INBOX 0.



This approach adds a layer where you can define different rules for Guard to follow and automatically assign each post to the best person to answer.   


Before saving new content to the unread inbox, Guard analyzes all social interactions on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and checks if a content should be assigned automatically or not. All other contents will be saved as unread, ready for your team to pick up at their convenience.

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How can you keep things simple if users ask you random questions!? how do you involve people that are not working with social!? 

We don't force you to buy additional log-ins...

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Gianluca Treu

Written by Gianluca Treu