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Managing High-Volume Customer Complaints

This is the solution for you if:

orologio.pngYour response time isn’t reaching your customers expectations


tag.pngYour replies aren’t resolving customer issues or are impersonal


people.pngYour brand reputation is at risk from bad social customer service






Analyze Customer Care Metrics

Increase Customer Satisfaction 

by improving the quality of your response

• The predefined templates and suggested answers will guarantee that responses are always inline with your communication strategy


 User profiling and seeing your customers social history will personalize conversations and guarantees company standards









Maximize Productivity and Customer Service Metrics

by using automation

• Customer requests are automatically prioritized by urgency and can be filtered for specific needs


 All incoming requests are analyzed and automatically assigned to the most suitable team member






Social Ticketing Guard.Social


Social Media Crisis Management


Provide Effective Crisis Management and Prevention

by connecting your company

• The Teamwork feature allows agent to request input or approval from other teams or management


 Managers are engaged via an email that logs them into a secure environment for giving approval, or feedback 


Enrico Melandri - We Are Social

Enrico Melandri

Account for BMW

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" helps us keep track of all customers requests together with our Customer Care - we love it!!"


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