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Guard.Social - Social Analytics


 Guard.Social Competitor Analysis


Competitor Analysis and Benchmarking

It can be tough benchmarking yourself against your competitors and in this case insight is power and knowing your competitors allows you to develop a successful social media strategy.


With Guard.Social:

• Select your competitors and compare results from an

overall viewpoint or drill down to see a single posts

performance to benchmark with your competitor


• Create content that will connect with your audience


 Monitor your competitors to stay up to date, making sure

you are in line with market trends







Guard.Social ANALYTICS is designed
so that each screen is a slide presentation





Social and Location Page Analytics

It can be hard identifying what motivates your audience to engage, thas why you need social analytics, it will help you reach the right people, at the right time, with the right content.

With Guard.Social:

• Single page analytics and accumulative results for multiple


• See what campaigns are working best so you can improve,

set and reach your goals based on data


 Compare and analyze your results in one place





Guard.Social Location page analytics

Guard.Social - social customer care analytics


Sentiment & Social Customer Care Analytics

Having social customer care and sentiment analytics will help you not only improve your customer care but will help you gauge how your audience is feeling and how they are interacting with your brand.

With Guard.Social:

• Add tags and reasons to each request to see the bigger picture, about your product, brand

• Learn how your customers use social media to interact with your business


 Analyze how your care service is working with single agents or team

performance analytics



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