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Satisfy your customers
with first class social media support


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Automatically organize,
prioritize & assign
social requests

Check.pngManage all social interaction in one flow ordered
         around the user

Check.pngPrioritise requests based on the user's clusters

Check.pngAutomatically assign request to the best team or agent based on triggers and topics - Learn More

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Know everything about
social users




Check.pngUnified conversation history

Check.pngCRM connection 


Speed through
tasks & requests

Check.pngWelcome bots into your team

Check.pngAutomatic request prioritization

Check.pngRequest status and backlog management

Check.pngAgent collision prevention

Check.pngRequest classification

Check.pngTemplates, etc.

Work in a team

Check.pngRole-based access

Check.pngEscalation & approval workflows

Check.pngInvolve External Users with an email - Learn More

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Evaluate your service levels and provide marketing with insight

Check.pngAll service level KPIs at your fingertips

Check.pngPerformance in Business hours

Check.pngProvide Marketing with insight based on interactions with customer service

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We work better together

Connect Social User Insight
to your CRM


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Integrate Social Media into your
Customer Service Software


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