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All trending content in your market on social media


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Monitor all social media trending content

Guard.Social IDEAS collects the best performing social media content and it shows every day more than 2 million fresh new trending posts from all over the world.


With IDEAS, you can:

• Get inspired by the best performing posts from Facebook,

Instagram and Twitter

Select your market, the specific post type you're looking for

and the country you're working in






Enhance your social media competitive intelligence

Spy on your competitors' performances and activities is the key to your social media success. Focusing your competitor intelligence on the content that worked best in their feed gives you the possibility to test your buyer personas sentiment and to develop a better content strategy.


With IDEAS, you can:

• Monitor all brand pages with more than 10.000 likes

 Analyze your competitors trending content, filtered by

channel, market, post type, and country







Boost your creative brainstorming sessions

Guard.Social IDEAS is the ultimate trending content hub. It's the place to go when you need creative inspiration for your editorial plan.


With IDEAS, you can:

• Save forever the most engaging posts found on the platform

• Use your posts collection as content marketing's top examples

 Enhance your creative brainstorming sessions with proven results

 Build your assumptions and editorial plan on real data and trends


Benedetta Andreozzi

Head of communication

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"Guard.Social eliminates excel and keeps us align on the editorial plan even with the most complex global clients - a real
productivity booster"



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